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Without knowing, businesses waste budget sending messages to corrupt mobile data. Don't fall into the same trap, validate your number lists today...

What is HLR Lookup?

Using HLR lookup, businesses can cleanse their mobile data and acquire a multitude of information relating to each phone number. Including...

  • The numbers registered country
  • Registered Network
  • Mobile country code (MCC)
  • Mobile network code (MNC)
  • Original registered network (if ported to a new network)
  • The validity of the number
  • Indication of temporary errors likely to impede delivery
  • MSC address (indicates numbers that are roaming)

Why do you need HLR services?

Without number validation, businesses run the risk of wasting spend on sending to numbers that are invalid. HLR Lookup is an essential tool for managing your mobile database, we recommend building regular HLR checks into your A2P SMS marketing strategy to ensure your lists are clean and free of invalid contacts.

Start cleansing your mobile database today...

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3. Receive your cleansed data

Once we've processed your mobile data, we'll provide a detailed breakdown of your mobile number lists.

  • *Tell us which destination your data is from; select 'Multiple destinations' if you're looking to cleanse mobile data from multiple countries.*
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