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Communication is an intrinsic part of any business and with 2-WAY SMS you can get the conversation going. Perhaps you want to automate your support. Send appointment reminders and receive confirmation of attendance. Or want to conduct some good old-fashioned market research. Do all of this and more with 2-WAY SMS.

Real world application...

A well-known logistics company was looking to reduce costs by avoiding sending couriers to vacant addresses and therefore increasing the overall efficiency of their drivers.

With the help of Mr Messaging, the logistics company began to send customers notifications in the morning with their couriers estimated time of arrival. They also gave customers the option to reschedule their delivery by simply replying with the word ‘RESCHEDULE’. Recipients were then given a number of new delivery timeslots marked from one through five. Once their reply was received the information was fed back to the company’s logistics platform, and the recipient’s new delivery timeslot was updated on the system.


Not only did this vastly improve the efficiency of their couriers. But customers also benefited from the improved service. Gone were the days of manually tracking their delivery, now, everything could be managed from their smartphone’s native messaging app.


  • Send delivery dispatch notifications
  • Send customer’s an estimated time of their couriers arrival
  • Provide recipients with delivery rescheduing options
  • Feed delivery rescheduling data back into their logistics platform
  • Improve customer experience by allowing the customer to manage their delivery all from their devices native messaging app

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