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What is 2-Way SMS?

2-Way SMS is a system that consolidates outbound and inbound SMS into one fully-featured service. A 2-Way SMS user can send and receive SMS through a web messaging platform by using a dedicated number carried out through a complete solution platform or APIs.

Why do you need 2-Way SMS?

2-Way SMS enables businesses to start a conversation with their customers. Businesses processes that previously required trails of emails or a phone call can be streamlined by sending customers SMS messages and requesting their feedback.

Real world application...

A well known courier service was looking to provide a more efficient delivery process, and ultimately reduce their drivers wasted time delivering to premises where nobody was available to sign for parcels.


  • Send dispatch notifications
  • Send customer an estimated delivery time
  • Send delivery rescheduling options using a predefined keyword
  • Send follow-up SMS allowing recipients to choose a new delivery date and time slot

With the help of Mr Messaging, the client was able to completely streamline their delivery process and greatly increase the productivity of their couriers. Using the new system, delivery recipients were sent a message in the morning, allowing them to reschedule their delivery by replying with a predetermined keyword if they weren't likely to be home.

Customers also benefited from the improved service. They were no longer required to go online to track and rearrange delivery, providing an overall more positive customer experience.

Why choose Mr Messaging for 2-Way SMS?

Intelligent marketing and promotions

Our platform facilitates interactive messaging campaigns worldwide. Using our platform you can send users discounts, promotions, run competitions and request feedback. Allowing you to intelligently oversee and respond to your customers and manage your overall SMS Marketing processes with ease.

Automate processes

You can use 2-Way SMS to streamline customer engagement processes. Just spoken to a customer and want to get their feedback? Trigger a customer survey to be send via SMS. Customer hasn't engaged with your brand in a while? Trigger a reminder showcasing an exclusive offer.

Utilise Keywords

Use predefined keywords to easily organise and streamline your processes for inbound messages.

All in real time

The Mr Messaging platform is extremely efficient, processing thousands of messages in real time. Our platform has no single point of failure, meaning your campaigns won't suffer from delays or interruptions.


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